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Life is art.

Art is the rotting corpse of a long dead reindeer, resting on a beautiful white beach in Porsangerfjord. It is the dirty streets of Dhaka with its sound of horns and smell of sweat.
Art is the silhouette of cranes and industrial smoke towards the sunset. The gathering of farmers, always freshly showered, smelling of perfume, with their flannel shirts, their strong working hands and the summing engagement over the last crop. Events which I have come to love and miss.
Art is the line of people on the train station. Everyone glancing onto their mobile phones not aware of each others existence.  It is also the artistic event on a scene and the gathering of artists meeting other artists. Everyone with the constant urge of being more important, more innovative and knowing more important artists than the other artists do.

To me, being an artist is a constant search, a constant travel and a constant battle. I balance on a fine line always about to fall. Either I keep standing or I fall into the gutter. I share with you here my battle. 

Art is life.

(Header picture by my fine friend and colleague; Yaniv Cohen)


Draug Produksjoner: Sinte gamle samedamer Teaser

Draug Produksjoner: Promovideo for
Spør gresset- det vet


Draug Produksjoner: teaser for Spør gresset – det vetClick here for english version of teaser for Ask the grass – it knows


Arkivet i Kristiansand: Dance and Identity. «Skin Remembers» Kortfilm.


Skjermbilde lite
Draug Produksjoner: Pop-up Gilde


Draug Produksjoner: Teaser fra Don´t pull me out


Arkivet i Kristiansand: «Skin Remebers». Teaser dokumentar.


Filmklipp fra forestillingen ARV.
Draug Produksjoner: ARV / Heritage


Draug Produksjoner: Riegadeapmi


Draug Produksjoner: Pictures- Flukt


bilde 2
Draug Produksjoner: Enveisbillett/ One way ticket