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Stina Ravdna Lorås is a postmodernistic dancer, performer, playwright and theatre director from Trondheim, Norway. She explores relational, visual and multi-aesthetic expressions, often combined with, or with the purpose of highlighting, traditional expressions and culture.

Lorås is educated as a dancer from the Ballet Academy in Gothenburg, she has a theatre BA from NTNU and an MA from the University of Agder.
The recent years Lorås has done extent artistic work and research around her own Sami inheritance. Through several dance and theatre performances she has questioned the forced assimilation, the shame and the loss of language, culture and religion that the coastal Sami people have suffered through the last centuries. Through her artistic practice she wants to rebuild the pride and history that belongs to the coastal Sami.

Lorås´ works has been performed on stages and festivals across the world. Her performance “Heritage” toured in Bangladesh autumn 2017, and is still touring in Norway. Her dance piece Sáráhkkás Tears premiered at the Coastal first nations dance festival in Vancouver in March 2018. Upcoming is the premiere of the performance “Don´t pull me out” that will be performed in Trondheim at Atelier Ilsvika 2´nd of November 2018.


NoDa (Norwegian Dance Artists)

ProDa (Professional Dance Training in Norway)

Sámi Lávdi (Theatre Organisation for Sami People )

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About Draug Productions

The Theater Forge was funded in 2008, when I gave theatre lessons to drug addicts on rehabilitation in Trondheim, and lessons in directing for photo students. The name was changed to Draug Productions in 2016 due to the change from mainly teaching to mainly performing dance and theatre. Today I make a living as a playwright, dancer, actress and theatre director, touring both in Norway and abroad with my performances.