Om meg


Welcome to my homepage!

I am an Norwegian-Sami artist from Trondheim, currently living outside Kristiansand, who work with visual performative expression.

I am educated as a dancer from the Ballet Academy in Gothenburg, I have a bachelor degree in drama and theatre from NTNU and a Master of Fine Arts from University of Agder. I´m also educated as an engineer and has ten years of work experience from land-based industry, oil and space technology.


NoDa (Norwegian Dance Artists)

ProDa (Professional Dance Training in Norway)

Sámi Lávdi (Theatre Organisation for Sami People )

Scenekunst Sør

Propellen Teater


About Draug Productions

The Theater Forge was funded in 2008, when I gave theatre lessons to drug addicts on rehabilitation in Trondheim, and lessons in directing for photo students. The name was changed to Draug Productions in 2016 due to the change from mainly teaching to mainly performing dance and theatre. Today I make a living as a playwright, dancer, actress and theatre director, touring both in Norway and abroad with my performances.