The woman from the sea

In a century Ellida has been gazing towards the ocean, longing for, as well as fearing the unknown; a mystical stranger from a different culture that in a moment of her life captured her heart. In this work of Henrik Ibsen the stranger is a sami or a kven from the remote islands along the far northern coast. Ellida herself comes from the coast, while the people of the mainland are pictured as the safe and steady ones. Cultural conventions of another time.

In our time, as well as in our version of the play, the world has grown while the distances have been shrinking. The mystical stranger comes from a different part of the world, has another skin colour and speaks a different language. Ellida still has found safety in a different culture than her own. Women does still depend on men, as in many parts of the world. And happiness is indeed not meant for everyone.

In this display of The lady from the sea several cultures meet in tumults of battle of the sexes, conflict of religions, and culture collisions. All this viewed in the light of the society we live in today.

The language is physical, auditory and visual. The text of Ibsen functions only as a framework for the production.

This production will be an international cooperation between Norway, Bangladesh and Japan.

Confirmed participators:

Producer:                          Stina Rávdná Lorås
Director:                            Haukur Gunnarsson
Bangladesh producer:    Avijit Sengupta

We are currently in conversation with several interesting people to cooperate with us on this production.