The woman from the sea

This is a project recently initiated. On my tour in Bangladesh I was inspired by the bengali actors special interest in the norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen.

Henrik Ibsen wrote a play named “The woman from the sea” (Fruen fra havet). The play is about a young woman who has an affair with a coastal sami man who later leaves her for twenty years. When he comes back she is engaged with a norwegian (more appropriate) man but she struggles with her constant longing towards the ocean (and the sami man).

The play is written with a clear view that the sami man is of lesser value and that the reasonable thing is for the woman to remain on shore.

I want to challenge this idea and see if it is possible to make the freedom of the ocean the right place to be, and give the sami man a greater value as a human being.

I want to re-wright this piece and make this a physical theatre performance. Haukur Gunnarson, former director of Sami Beaivvas Theatre has confirmed that he would like to cooperate on this project, and Atle Hoff from the heritage team will be part of it as well. I´m also playing with the idea to invite our bengali colleges over to a cooperation project with several people on stage.

To realize this project I need a place for the premiere and proper funding.