Lifechanging experiences – Coastal First Nations Dance Festival at UBC Museum.

Today I was on the Coastal First Nations Festival as a visitor. To me this was a lifechanging experience. The native american culture have always been a visible and proud one. Even when it was still under extreme pressure and destruction. All my childhood I put my pride in walking silently in the woods so no-one could hear. I also transferred that to walking silent in the stairs or anywhere else, happy when I managed to sneak upon my unknowing family members. I loved being in the forest, and for all the world I wished that I could be a black-haired, brown-skinned princess as Pocahonthas. Not the readhead, freckled and pale as snow person that i have always been.

To experience the solid strength, the familiar ties, and the secure traditions of the native canadians on this festival has changed me forever. Until hours ago I felt that my culture was lost, I´ve been afraid that I was not sami enough, not pretty enough, not young enough, not clever enough, not skilled enough… just not enough. But Margaret Grenier, artistic director of the Dancers of Damelahamid and produser of the CFNDF said something that has changed my life for ever today. I can´t repeat every word correctly, but the meaning went something like this:

«Our people have suffered through so many things in the past. But there is no need to fear. Our ancestors are with us always, no matter what. They will follow us and make sure that we stay on our path and continue evolving as we are ment to be. There is no need to worry.»

Thank you Margaret. I´ll keep your words in my mind and know that my ancestors are with me. What I create I´m ment to create. I´ll learn what I need to learn, in time. I don´t need to fear or blame myself. I´m safe.

Thank you for sharing of your strength and wisdom. Now I feel so confident about tomorrows performance. Despite of rubbery stage floors and lack of hairpins.

Thank you.